Legacy Giving

Let us never forget the priceless gift that was given to us in Jesus Christ.


In the 1890s, Dr. William E. Murphey, a member of our congregation, left $2,500 in his will to LaGrange First United Methodist Church. Today, Dr. Murphey’s gift is valued at more than $687,000, and it has been used, according to his wishes, to supplement the salary of our Minister throughout the years.

In 1999, Dr. Murphey’s gift became the cornerstone of our current Foundation. For the past 20 years, additional gifts to the Foundation have been pooled and invested to endow our church with resources to grow its mission and ministry beyond our lifetimes. With these additional gifts and the growth of the principal, the value of the Foundation is more than $2 million in restricted and unrestricted funds.

The Foundation’s goal is to ensure the long-term future of our church. Like any investment, it is not meant to cover short-term budgeted expenses, but rather to provide a nest egg for special projects and a legacy on which to build our church’s future. It does not replace and should not compete with the dollars you pledge to the annual budget of the church. Rather, it is a gift to sustain and grow our church into the future.


All funds are used for the missions, programs and capital needs of LaGrange First United Methodist Church. The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization operated separately from the church.

Funds are managed for the Foundation by an investment firm under the direction of a board of directors selected by our church’s annual charge conference. All investments are made in a manner consistent with the Social Principles of the United Methodist Church, found in the current Book of Discipline.

While the principal and dividends are reinvested in the fund, each year the Directors allocate approximately 4% of the fund’s value to current projects. In recent years, the Foundation contributed to the construction of the Columbarium and improvements to the Sanctuary and Wesley Hall. It underwrites outreach ministries including Stephen Ministries and Music ministry by providing funds for special Christmas and Easter programs. It supports the young people of our congregation by providing educational scholarships and funding for youth mission programs. It strengthens our relationship with LaGrange College through music ministry and outreach programs.

Funds donated to the Foundation may be earmarked for a specific purpose such as a scholarship or building fund, but it is often more helpful to contribute to the unrestricted fund which allows the Directors to apply funds in the way that benefits the Church’s immediate needs.


Wesley Fellows recognizes those members of our church who are dedicated to its future and have made provisions in their will for The First United Methodist Church of LaGrange Memorial Foundation. If you have included the Foundation in your will, please notify the church office so that you may be recognized (if you desire) on the commemorative plaque of Wesley Fellows.

We are grateful for the members of Wesley Fellows for their belief in the importance of supporting the future of the church. 

In all of our giving, let us never forget the priceless gift that was given to us in Jesus Christ. 


No contribution is too small, and there are many ways to contribute to the Foundation.

  • Add the Foundation as a beneficiary of your estate in your will. Give a fixed amount, a percentage of your estate or donate the residual amount after other bequests are granted.
  • Designate gifts that provide income to you during your lifetime, such as charitable gift annuities or remainder trusts.
  • Designate the Foundation as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy.
  • These are a few examples of how you might contribute to the First United Methodist Church of LaGrange Memorial Foundation. For additional information, call the Church Office at 706.884.4635 and let the staff know that you would like to talk to someone about a gift to the Foundation.


I would like more information about including The First United Methodist Church of LaGrange Memorial Foundation in my financial and estate planning through legacy giving.

E-mail us at giving@lagrangefumc.org for more information or use the contact form below.