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Soul Connection Small Groups

We all desire to be known and loved, yet in today’s world, true friendships are hard to come by.

In February, LaGrange First Methodist launched six Small Connection groups—each with eight to 12 members of our church family—who met weekly for six weeks to help nourish each other’s souls while growing closer to God and each other. One group was composed of young adults and parents of young children. Other groups were intergenerational, and we also had one group each of couples, parents, and college students, Though their six weeks are over, several of the groups chose to continue meeting informally because they just weren’t ready to say goodbye to the new relationships they developed!

Stay tuned as we work out the details for launching new Small Connection groups in the Fall! In the meantime, check out Soul Connections on the Water this summer!

This Summer we have a new group forming in conjunction with our worship community on the lake called Soul Connections on the Water. A casual small group meant to build meaningful community and grow in love for God and others, this group is the perfect place to dive deeper in your faith this summer! Join us each Sunday night. Appetizers are on us … and dinner is on you! We will meet Sundays, June 27 and July 11 – August 8, from 5:00-6:30 p.m. at The Hooch Hideaway Restaurant at Highland Marina.

Why are Soul Connection Groups important?

When something we need and count on is broken, we seek help to repair it. We quickly call the mechanic or our doctor to get it fixed. Yet, our spiritual lives aren’t quite that easy to correct. None of us are capable of “fixing” ourselves alone. Soul Connections offer a safe place, at a set apart time, to build meaningful community, share the state of our souls, discern God at work in our everyday lives, and encourage one another to live in God’s grace. These groups keep our eyes and our hearts focused on God in the ordinariness of our days and give us people to journey with through the ups and downs of life.

The Power of Two Simple Questions.

Soul Connection Groups are based around two primary questions: “How is it with your soul?” and “How have you experienced God this week?” These questions stem from John Wesley’s class meetings, the engines for growth in faith and discipleship of the early Methodist movement. Knowing that you will be asked these questions every week, will lead you to pay more attention to your daily spiritual formation and help you to be “real” with others in a world that shies away from vulnerability at all costs. You will begin to see the subtle and obvious ways God is moving in your life, as well as the lives of others in your group. Consistently answering these questions in front of other believers, who are all on the same journey as you, is a powerful practice the Holy Spirit will use to draw you closer to God.

What is the format of a Soul Connection Group?

Groups of eight to 12 people meet for an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes once a week. Confidentiality is expected. We open and close with prayer and a short time of discussion on the previous week’s Scripture passage from worship. But again, the key component of Soul Connection Groups are discussions and answers to the two questions “How is it with your soul” and “How have you experienced God this week?”

How do I get in a Soul Connection Group?

Please email the Rev. Ben Wills if you would like for us to contact you with more information once we schedule a new Soul Connections series.